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Phelps County Area COAD

TRPHD serves as a member of the Phelps County Area Community Organizations Active in Disaster.

What is a COAD?

  • All disasters begin locally and end locally.  Community Organizations Active in Disaster are dedicated to helping a community make the best of its resources in a disaster by creating local relationships prior to an event in order to ensure that human needs probable in a disaster situation are assessed and met.  COADs have a broad mission: to strengthen area-wide disaster coordination by sharing programs, policies, information, joint planning and training.
  • Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COADs) are proactively looking for ways to mitigate against disasters at the local level.  Because COADs represent many human service providers and have a concern for community resilience, and the relief and recovery of disaster victims, they can be a launch pad for disaster preparedness.  COADs have a broad mission: to strengthen area-wide disaster coordination by sharing programs, policies, information, joint planning and training.
  • COADs provide for the collaboration between agencies and organizations to plan for the unmet needs in their communities in the event of a disaster.  COADs also can do much more.  Permanently established COADs consider all phases of emergency management: mitigation, prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.
  • COADs can use community wide disaster education, hazard analysis, training exercises, classes on leadership, local emergency operations plans, and the collective knowledge of its membership to better prepare the community that the COAD serves.

Who Participates in a COAD?

  • COADs will include any agency, individual or organization with a role to play in any phase of emergency management.  This includes disaster services agencies, emergency management agencies, and public, private or not-for-profit organizations with an interest in addressing a community's emergency management needs.  The COAD will be a collaborative working group in which all the participants are equal partners united by common goals.
  • The Phelps County Area Community Organizations Active in Disaster is a group made up of public, private, volunteer and nonprofit organizations with the focus of assuring the most complete recovery for the citizens of Phelps County following a disaster.  We do not provide direct services, but provide a network through which individual organizations can more effectively address their mission and service goals during all four phases of disaster.  The success of our organization depends on YOU!

What is a disaster?

  • Disaster means any natural or human-caused catastrophic event that results in damage, loss, hardship, or suffering.  Disasters may be restricted to individual households, or may expand to be local, regional, statewide, or national in scope.  Larger disasters typically overwhelm a community's ability to respond.

Phelps County Area COAD Members

Phelps County Emergency Management Agency

Phelps County Sheriff's Office

Holdrege Police Department

City of Holdrege

Phelps County Community Foundation

Two Rivers Public Health Department

American Red Cross

Area Churches

Holdrege Public Schools

Phelps County Board of Supervisors

The Salvation Army

Phelps Memorial Health Center

Become a Member

Our membership can include organizations or individuals that have the resources to help meet the needs of the community at the time of a disaster including, but not limited to: transportation, case management in emergency assistance, local health department, nonprofits and faith-based organizations, local governments, civic groups, businesses, schools, emergency management agencies, etc.

Members can include local representatives from:

  • Emergency Management
  • Health Department
  • Salvation Army
  • American Reg Cross
  • Area Churches
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Area Agency on Aging
  • United Way
  • Housing Authority
  • Food Pantries
  • Animal Shelters
  • And many others!


Meeting Minutes