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  • Jeremy Eschliman, Health Director
    Jeremy Eschliman, Health Director

    Jeremy Eschliman is the Health Director at Two Rivers Public Health Department leading a passionate team of public health professionals and partners committed to improving health outcomes of the residents in Buffalo, Dawson, Franklin, Gosper, Harlan, Kearney, and Phelps Counties in Nebraska. Jeremy has a dual undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Biological Sciences from Wayne State College with honors; in addition to a Master in Business Administration with a finance emphasis.

    While at Two Rivers Public Health Department, Jeremy has led the organization through the creation and adoption of a new financial infrastructure, development of sustainable preventative clinical services, and continues to lead the department towards national public health accreditation.

    In his leadership and advocacy of environmental health issues, Jeremy was selected as a member of the Radon Resistant New Construction Task force in 2017, advocating for the development of minimum standards for radon resistant new construction across Nebraska, in addition to supporting funding directed towards the education of the dangers of radon.

    Jeremy loves spending time free with his wife and children. In his extra time, Jeremy and his family may be caught working with cattle, fixing fence, fishing/hunting, running or traveling. If you have any questions, contributions, or would like to provide a financial contribution to improving the health of our communities, please contact Jeremy at the information below.

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  • Katherine Mulligan, Planning Section Supervisor
    Katherine Mulligan, Planning Section Supervisor

    Katie Mulligan is the Planning Section Supervisor. In this position she oversees the Emergency Preparedness team, efforts toward accreditation, and community health planning. Katie started at Two Rivers in 2017 as a health educator and has also worked as an emergency response coordinator. Prior to working at the health department, she earned her bachelors in biochemistry from Hastings College. Katie states that “The goal of public health is to help every person no matter the circumstances. I believe that access to care can change people’s lives and that every person deserves a chance at mental and physical health.” Katie enjoys being out in our community and working with partners to ensure everyone has access to quality care.

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  • Jacki Connery, Community Health Nurse Supervisor
    Jacki Connery, Community Health Nurse Supervisor

    Jacki Connery is the Community Health Nurse Supervisor at Two Rivers. In her position, Jacki works with all the Community Health Nurses, assists with disease investigations, immunization clinics, COVID testing, and wherever else she is needed in the office! Jacki has her BSN, RN. Before arriving at Two Rivers, Jacki spent four years as an infection control nurse and has been a nursing manager since 2013. In her free time Jacki loves to crochet; read; listen to music and sing; and spend time with friends, family, and her dogs!

  • Von Lutz, Clinical Services Supervisor
    Von Lutz, Clinical Services Supervisor

    Von Lutz joined the team as a Clinical Services Supervisor. In his role, Von works closely with Long Term Care Facilities to coordinate Covid testing including drive thru test sites across the district. Von obtained his undergraduate degree from Concordia College in Human Services in addition to a Master of Science in Applied Child, Family, and Community Services. Von continued his education obtaining Doctor of Social Work from Concordia College in May 2020. Von is an advocate for children and families and is an active Board Member for The Association of Child Abuse Prevention. In his spare time, Von enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.

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  • Aravind Menon, PhD, Epidemiologist
    Aravind Menon, PhD, Epidemiologist

    Aravind Menon joined the Two Rivers team in 2020 as our Epidemiologist. In his position, he studies disease progression and analyzes morbidity and mortality data. Aravind Menon trained and practiced as a physician in South and Western India before enrolling for his Masters in Public Health at the Sri Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Science and Technology. Following this, he led a large-scale reproductive health intervention for married adolescent girls in Central India for two years before pursuing a year-long NIH-Fogarty fellowship in Durban, South Africa. During the fellowship, he explored the power of conditional cash transfers to encourage responsible personal behavior among school-going adolescents in a high HIV-prevalence area. After moving to the US over ten years back, he enrolled for his PhD at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, analyzing cervical cancer screening during routine antenatal and postnatal screening visits in urban Malawi for his doctoral thesis. The thing Aravind loves most about his position at Two Rivers is the ability to observe the ability of simple, evidence-based interventions to improve the health of communities and positively impact the lives of countless people. During his spare time, Aravind likes to read fantasy graphic novels and cook Indian food for friends and family. He lives in Lexington with his wife and children aged one & six years.

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  • Haleigh Cunningham, Health Educator
    Haleigh Cunningham, Health Educator

    Haleigh recently graduated from Hastings College with her bachelors in Elementary & Special Education. She has worked for Two Rivers Public Health Department in many different jobs while in college and while she had never pictured herself not being in a classroom it has been a wonderful experience to see how public health plays into school systems. As the Health Educator, she has learned so much about public education and loves using her skills to help provide the most accurate information to others effectively. Haleigh says the part of her job she enjoys the most is, "being able to help people and being rewarded by the smiles I receive after making someone’s day."

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  • Emily Beaver, Health Educator
    Emily Beaver, Health Educator

    Emily Beaver is at Health Educator for Two Rivers Public Health Department. In this role Emily has the opportunity to educate individuals in the community about the importance of healthy lifestyles choices and disease prevention. This education is vital to empower all community members to make informed decisions about their personal health and wellbeing. Emily graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a Bachelor of Science in Education and an emphasis in Health Science. Currently, Emily attends College of Saint Mary to receive her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy. Emily says, “One area of my job that I enjoy the most is learning about the programs our local community has to offer to residents. Through my position at TRPHD, I have been introduced to a wide range of programs that can benefit individuals and families in our community in unique ways.”

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  • Hayley Jelinek, Health Educator
    Hayley Jelinek, Health Educator

    Hayley Jelinek is a Health Educator at Two Rivers. Her main focus is on mental health, substance misuse/abuse, minority health and violence prevention. Hayley has 30 years of experience in social work and has worked with both DHHS, hospitals, and Child and Adult Protective Services. In her free time Hayley enjoys spending time with her family and watching true crime documentaries. Her favorite part of being on the Two Rivers team is meeting new people, forging relationships with community members, and learning new things.

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  • Jesse Valenti, Finance Manager
    Jesse Valenti, Finance Manager

    Jesse Valenti has been the finance manager at Two Rivers for four years. In his position, Jesse creates and maintains budgets for our programs, bookkeeping(payables, receivables, reconciling), and HR tasks (payroll, insurance). In 2009 Jesse graduated with a bachelor’s in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting from the University of Nebraska Kearney. Before coming to Two Rivers, Jesse worked at Axis Capital Inc, Allmand Bros, and Younes Hospitality. In his free time, Jesse likes to spend time with his friends and family, go to the gym, watch movies, and watch his favorite sports team (Football: Nebraska Huskers, Kansas City Cheifs; Basketball: Chicago Cubs). Jesse participated in the 2020 Kearney/Buffalo County CASA Men in Tights event and won the event as the “most talented” contestant, and he is also serving his first year for the Board at Kearney Area Children's Museum.

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  • Kesiah Pulliam, Dental Hygienist
    Kesiah Pulliam, Dental Hygienist

    Kesiah Pulliam is a Registered Dental Hygienist on the Two Rivers team. In this role, Kesiah partners with schools to perform routine screenings for dental decay, apply fluoride varnish, and dental sealants. During this time, they also work to educate children on proper dental health. Kesiah says her favorite part of her job is working with children. “If children can have a positive dental experience when they are young, it helps set them up for lifetime of better oral health.”

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  • Kraig Johnson, Emergency Response Coordinator
    Kraig Johnson, Emergency Response Coordinator

    Kraig Johnson is the Emergency Response Coordinator for Two Rivers. In this position he plans, designs, and executes emergency response drills and desktop exercises, and evaluates the efficacy of the drills and exercises. He also updates and maintains the District’s various emergency response plans and all associated documents. Kraig has been a paramedic for over 25 years, a US Navy Hospital Corpsman Desert Shield/Storm Veteran, and a volunteer firefighter for 15 years. Kraig holds an Associates in Military History, Charter University, Associates of Criminal Justice Ashworth College, and Bachelors of Science in Public Safety Administration University of Maryland. Currently Kraig is working on his Masters of Science in Emergency Management at Tulane University expecting to graduate in December 2021.


  • Krista Pierce, Health Educator
    Krista Pierce, Health Educator

    Krista Pierce serves as one of our billing specialists. She has over 30 years of experience in the dental profession and really loves using her knowledge to serve in outreach programs and patient services throughout our 7 county district. In addition to her dental experience, Krista also holds a degree in accounting. When not at work, Krista enjoys spending time with her adult children and 8 grandchildren. She also likes reading, quilting, gardening and biking.

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  • Misti Raburn, Administrative Assistant
    Misti Raburn, Administrative Assistant

    Misti Raburn is the Administrative Assistant at Two Rivers Public Health Department. Misti has an associates degree in general education. Misti helps to support all of our programs and our team at TRPHD. She works with the public on ensuring that health questions and needs are met. She has over 25 years of experience in customer service. Misti enjoys working to help others with health and education. When not at work, Misti enjoys spending time with her husband, Russell and their four kids, Trinity, Faith, Isabel, and Logan. She stays active with assistant coaching a summer softball team the girls are a part of. She also likes reading, camping, exercising, and baking.

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  • Maria Barocio, Community Health Worker
    Maria Barocio, Community Health Worker

    Maria Barocio has been part of the Two Rivers team since 2016 as a Community Health Worker. In this position, her main role is to connect people with the services and resources they need. Health services, clothing, or food are some examples of what Maria has community members obtain. Being bilingual, Maria offers valuable translation services to members of our community who speak Spanish. Maria has 26 years of experience working in our communities. Because Maria does a lot of the hands-on work with our community, she has many stories of the way she helps people. One of her favorites is when a man reached out to her for tooth pain. After three phone calls to different dentist, she finally found one that would accept him. Using a three way call she was able to translate and set up an appointment. When Maria asked him why he had not gone to the dentist before, he stated the dental office only spoke English and he never understood, so he hung up. He also did not have transportation to get to the dentist or money to pay for an appointment. Maria was able to be there when they removed the tooth and helped translate. A week later, the same person called and asked if Maria would make another appointment for him, which she happily did. Afterwards, he told Maria “I been having this pain for so long that even I was missing work day”. Maria is a valuable part of the Two Rivers team and always happy to connect individuals with services.

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  • Marilyn Warnken, Program Nurse
    Marilyn Warnken, Program Nurse

    Marilyn Warnken is a Program Nurse at Two Rivers on our immunization team. Marilyn gives both influenza and COVID vaccines, but also helps with out VFC clinics. Marilyn started in August of 2020 and her favorite part of being on the team is the people she works with and the communities she works for. In her free time Marilyn enjoys to spending time with her friends, family, and three grandchildren camping at Harlan Lake.

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  • Sally Heusinkvelt, Billing Specialist
    Sally Heusinkvelt, Billing Specialist

    Sally Heusinkvelt is a Billing Specialist at Two Rivers Public Health Department. She has a degree in Dental Assistant from Central Community College in Hastings. Since 2008 she has worked with the Health Departments LifeSmiles Dental Program. In September 2019 she started working with the Immunization Program. Sally enjoys spending time with her children their families which includes nine grandchildren. In her free time, you will find her relaxing at her sewing machine or creating with various other forms of textiles.

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  • Susan Puckett, RN, Community Health Nurse
    Susan Puckett, RN, Community Health Nurse

    Susan Puckett is a Community Health Nurse. In her position she oversees disease surveillance and case investigations, the lead poisoning prevention program, and the West Nile prevention program. Through surveillance and case management, her goal is to reduce the causes, incidence, and transmission of disease and to promote a health community for all. Susan is a licensed Registered Nurse, AND, with 28 years of experience in school health services, inpatient psychiatric care, inpatient pediatric care, and pediatric clinical care. In her free time she likes to read everything the CDC publishes. Susan says her favorite topics in public health include, “the effects of health disparities in our communities and ways to eliminate them. It is my equivalent of following a favorite sports team – who are the owners, managers, players, and fans? How do they treat each other? What can they do to improve their game? What can I do to support my team?”

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  • During the COVID pandemic, several temporary team members have served on the Two Rivers team. While they are not listed above, we appreciate all the hard work they have put in on our team. It has been so nice working with you all.