• Health Director Jeremy Eschliman
    Health Director Jeremy Eschliman

    Jeremy Eschliman is the Health Director at Two Rivers Public Health Department leading a passionate team of public health professionals and partners committed to improving health outcomes of the residents in Buffalo, Dawson, Franklin, Gosper, Harlan, Kearney, and Phelps Counties in Nebraska. Jeremy has a dual undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Biological Sciences from Wayne State College with honors; in addition to a Master in Business Administration with a finance emphasis.

    While at Two Rivers Public Health Department, Jeremy has led the organization through the creation and adoption of a new financial infrastructure, development of sustainable preventative clinical services, and continues to lead the department towards national public health accreditation.

    In his leadership and advocacy of environmental health issues, Jeremy was selected as a member of the Radon Resistant New Construction Task force in 2017, advocating for the development of minimum standards for radon resistant new construction across Nebraska, in addition to supporting funding directed towards the education of the dangers of radon.

    Jeremy loves spending time free with his wife and children. In his extra time, Jeremy and his family may be caught working with cattle, fixing fence, fishing/hunting, running or traveling. If you have any questions, contributions, or would like to provide a financial contribution to improving the health of our communities, please contact Jeremy at the information below.


  • Clinical Services Coordinator, Dental Program Manager Roxanne Denny-Mickey, RDH, PHRDH
    Clinical Services Coordinator, Dental Program Manager Roxanne Denny-Mickey, RDH, PHRDH

    Roxanne Denny-Mickey is the Dental Health Program Coordinator at Two Rivers Public Health Department. She has worked with the Dental Health Program since it's origin in 2008. Roxanne's experience includes almost 30 years in clinical, academia, and public health settings. Roxanne loves spending her free time with her 3 kids, husband, and pets! She has a love for exercise and being outdoors. If you have questions concerning dental, oral health, or services offered through the Lifesmiles Dental Health Program, she would be happy to help!


  • Emergency Response Coordinator, Health Educator Katherine Mulligan
    Emergency Response Coordinator, Health Educator Katherine Mulligan

    Katherine Mulligan joined the team as the Health Educator. In this role, she works across all health department programs, including managing chronic disease, environmental health, and emergency response activities. Katherine graduated from Hastings College, and in her free time, appreciates being in the Nebraska outdoors with her family.


  • Community Health Worker Maria Barocio
    Community Health Worker Maria Barocio

    Maria Barocio is the Community Health Worker at Two Rivers Public Health Department, and Maria is committed to engaging individuals and the community in accessing health resources. Maria also supports the dental program, and you can often find her at our dental screening clinics. Maria recently went to the Dominican Republic to help provide dental services to at need individuals, where she had an opportunity to visit the beach and go caving!


  • Administrative Assistant Vanessa West
    Administrative Assistant Vanessa West

    Vanessa Corral is the Administrative Assistant at Two Rivers Public Health Department. Vanessa has an associates degree in applied science/business administration. Vanessa helps to support all of our programs and our team at TRPHD. She works with the public on ensuring that health questions and needs are met.

    In her free time Vanessa enjoys spending time with her husband, newborn daughter, their 4 dogs and their cat.


  • Finance Manager Jesse Valenti
    Finance Manager Jesse Valenti

    Jesse Valenti is the Finance Manager at Two Rivers Public Health Department.


  • Healthcare Coalition Coordinator Cody Samuelson

    Cody Samuelson is the Healthcare Coalition Coordinator for the Tri-Cities Medical Response System. Cody started at Two Rivers Public Health Department as the Emergency Response Coordinator after transitioning from a law enforcement career that included road patrol work and instructor credentials. Cody has a bachelor's degree from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Cody enjoys being outdoors, is an avid golfer and Nebraska Cornhusker sports fan.


  • Community Health Nurse Susan Puckett, RN

    Susan is the Community Health Nurse at Two Rivers Public Health Department coordinating the disease surveillance program. Susan is a recent addition to our team and arrives with decades of experience in school health, acute care for pediatrics, and mental health. Disease surveillance has enabled Susan to pursue her passion for protecting the health and well-being of our communities through educating the public which in turn helps us achieve and maintain equitable and optimal health. In her free time, Susan is an avid gardener, reader, and traveler.