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Mission & Values

Two Rivers Public Health Department engages collaborative partners, community leaders, and the public to promote healthy lifestyles, provide preventative education, assure environmental quality, and create more healthy and safe communities for all who live within the district.

Strengthening Programs and Achieved Outcomes

TRPHD programs are accessible, inclusive, and engaging. Program evaluation and community feedback demonstrate positive health impacts, continuous improvement, and our commitment to approaches that uniquely meet the needs of our populations. We advocate for policy changes that bring needed resources and  opportunities to our communities resources.

Building TRPHD’s Identity and Reputation

Our health department is well known and respected  throughout our communities.  Local community partners, leaders, and the public utilize our  services and resources because they are easily accessible. Our communities and partners  have a better understanding of what we  do and that we are here to collaborate with them to  improve the overall health of their communities.

Building Internal Capacity

TRPHD is poised to best meet the needs of our diverse, local  communities because:  We have an engaged, strong, qualified, and diverse board and staff | We embrace a culture  of health and help our staff and board prioritize their own well-being | We have an accessible office location that supports programmatic work | We are recognized as an accredited, high-capacity local health department, and | We have sustainable funding to support our programs. 



Two Rivers Public Health Department envisions a health district where all are able to safely and actively live, learn, work, and play in their communities. Two Rivers Public Health Department facilitates collaboratives, partnerships, and unique approaches that educate, empower, and engage local community partners, health providers, political decision-makers, community leadership, and the public.