Tri-Cities Medical Response System

TRPHD serves as the coordinator for the Tri-Cities Medical Response System (TRIMRS), which helps to strengthen emergency response through collaboration.

As the coordinator for TRIMRS, TRPHD has written or facilitated community-wide disaster drills and table-top exercises. The community-wide drills have included tornado, mass fatality, and earthquake drills. These exercises test a community’s ability to respond to a disaster, including testing incident command, patient tracking, and communications. As a result of a drill, TRPHD has observed hospitals and community organizations form new partnerships for responding to a disaster and policy updates to encourage preparedness.

TRPHD also helps to facilitate table-top exercises, in which a scenario of a disaster is presented to a group, in order to encourage ideas in how to respond. Table-top exercises conducted within the last year have included Ebola, Tuberculosis, and tornado scenarios.

TRIMRS Resources for our Members


  • Medical Volunteer Hospital Plan Template
  • Hospital Pandemic Influenza Plan Template
  • Hospital CBRNE Plan Template
  • Hospital Mass Fatality Plan Templates
  • County Mass Fatalities/Mass Casualties Family Assistance Center
  • Nebraska Emergency/Disaster Health and Medical Volunteer Plan
  • Hospital Rapid Discharge
  • Hospital Alternate Care Site Plan Template
  • Hospital Evacuation Plan Template
  • Hospital Disaster Medical Record
  • Central Nebraska Medical Reserve Corps Policies
  • EMS Mass Casualty Incident Response
  • TRIMRS Regional Plan
  • Buffalo County Medical Table Plan
  • Pre-Hospital Regional Surge Plan

​​​​​​​Plans/Policies/Procedures in Actively in Development:

  • Mass Fatalities Disaster Site
  • Mass Fatalities Morgue Site
  • Mass Fatalities Headquarters
  • Business Continuity (COOP) - Future


  • Inter-Hospital MOU (Staff, equipment, supplies, patient transfer)
  • Local caches at area hospitals (mainly PPE)
  • Mobile Medical Assets (Alternate Care Site equipment and supplies)
  • Central Nebraska Medical Reserve Corps (Staff and mobile trauma trailer)
  • ESAR-VHP (Staff)


  • Incident Command for Hospitals
  • Strategic National Stockpile
  • Plan development workshops
  • Ebola information
  • As needed/requested


  • Pandemic Influenza
  • Panflu Scramble
  • SNS
  • Active Shooter
  • Tornado
  • Evacuation
  • Ice Storm Evacuation/Shelter-in-Place
  • Botulism 
  • Anthrax
  • Transportation Evacuation


  • Med 4 Radios
  • Satellite Radio/Phones (GS and BMH)
  • Emergency Management radio caches and mobile communications centers
  • Ham radio operators/equipment
  • TRIMRS Mass Notification Systems (to request help or provide situational awareness)
  • Website (in construction)
  • Facebook

Disaster/Public Health Emergency Role:

  • Liaison/Logistics:  Assist in locating and arranging for hospital resources; situational awareness