• Jeremy Eschliman
    Jeremy Eschliman

    Jeremy Eschliman is the Director of Two Rivers Public Health Department.

  • Laura Steele
    Laura Steele

    Laura Steele is the Assistant Director at Two Rivers Public Health Department, and is committed to improving health outcomes for the communities TRPHD serves. Laura helps to oversee the programmatic activity at Two Rivers Public Health Department. Laura has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Health, and graduated from the University of Denver with an International MBA. In her spare time, Laura enjoys learning the Russian, Chinese, and Arabic languages, and is always looking for a chance to practice!

  • Roxanne Denny-Mickey, RDH, PHRDH
    Roxanne Denny-Mickey, RDH, PHRDH

    Roxanne Denny-Mickey is the Dental Health Program Coordinator at Two Rivers Public Health Department. She has worked with the Dental Health Program since it's origin in 2008. Roxanne's experience includes almost 30 years in clinical, academia, and public health settings. Roxanne loves spending her free time with her 3 kids, husband, and pets! She has a love for exercise and being outdoors. If you have questions concerning dental, oral health, or services offered through the Lifesmiles Dental Health Program, she would be happy to help!

  • Katherine Mulligan
    Katherine Mulligan

    Katherine Mulligan joined the team as the Health Educator. In this role, she works across all health department programs, including managing chronic disease, environmental health, and emergency response activities. Katherine graduated from Hastings College, and in her free time, appreciates being in the Nebraska outdoors with her family.

  • Amy Dinslage
    Amy Dinslage

    Amy Dinslage is the Community Health Nurse, and her main role is to conduct disease investigations and surveillance, in order identify and prevent potential outbreaks. She received her bachelors in Nursing and has been working as a nurse for ten plus years. She has worked in a variety of areas of nursing, including management, critical care settings, surgery, long term care, and public health. Amy spends most of her time outside of work with her kids.

  • Maria Barocio
    Maria Barocio

    Maria Barocio is the Community Health Worker at Two Rivers Public Health Department, and Maria is committed to engaging individuals and the community in accessing health resources. Maria also supports the dental program, and you can often find her at our dental screening clinics. Maria recently went to the Dominican Republic to help provide dental services to at need individuals, where she had an opportunity to visit the beach and go caving!

  • Dustin Handley
    Dustin Handley

    Dustin Handley serves as the TRIMRS Coordinator. Dustin brings a wealth of experience to his position. When not working to improve health system response to disasters, Dustin can be found on the field playing softball!

  • Vanessa Corral
    Vanessa Corral

    Vanessa Corral is the Administrative Assistant at Two Rivers Public Health Department. Vanessa helps to support the programs and team at TRPHD, and also works with the public on ensuring that health questions and needs are met.