Emergency Response

The purpose of Two Rivers Public Health Department's Emergency Response Section is to collaborate with community partners to prepare for a successful response to any type of public health threat. A public health threat might be caused by a natural biological process such as influenza or a deliberate act of bioterrorism such as an Anthrax attack. Coordination with community agencies such as emergency management, hospitals, medical clinics, EMS, law enforcement, Medical Response Systems, Medical Reserve Corp, Red Cross, schools and many others is essential.

South Central Nebraska Functional Needs Registry

An online disaster registry for those who need more help or are likely to be disconnected from critically important support after a disaster. Click here to register online.

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Environmental health is a key component of public health. Nowhere is the need more evident than in rural Nebraska, where natural disasters, chemical spills, groundwater contamination and agricultural related diseases are an ever-present threat to the health of our citizens. Some of the responsibilities of the Two Rivers Public Health Department are as follows: indoor air quality, water pollution control, vector control, food safety, and healthy housing just to name a few. If you feel you have an environmental issue, please contact the Two Rivers Environmental Coordinator, Heather Easton.

For a list of Water Violations, click here!


One of the chief goals of public health agencies is to prevent the incidence of disease by promoting healthy communities, families and individuals. Public health surveillance is the ongoing collection, analysis and interpretation of health-related data essential to the planning, implementation and evaluation of public health practice. Infectious disease surveillance includes but is not limited to foodborne illness, vaccine-preventable diseases, influenza, vector borne diseases, and animal related diseases such as rabies and West Nile.


The relationship between health, regular physical activity, nutrition, and psychological well-being has been incorporated into the term "wellness". Two Rivers Public Health Department strives to achieve a healthy environment for all, and has recently launched a "Winners of Wellness" program for school employees working in the Two Rivers District. Participants are encouraged to exercise regularly, track fruit and vegetable intake, and attend educational sessions on stress relief and healthy cooking classes. To complete a personal health risk assessment for yourself, please click on the health risk assessment link under statistics. The survey will take about half an hour, and will discuss areas of strengths and weaknesses upon completion. Feel free to print the results and share them with your physician.

Catch Kids Club

CATCH Kids Club (CKC) is a physical activity and nutrition education program  for kids K-8th gradeand is proven to reduce childhood obesity. There are three easy to use components, nutrition education, healthy snacks, and a physical activity component. Last year we started CATCH for the first time in two schools in the Two Rivers' District, this year we have 5 signed up before school has even started!

Two Rivers’ CATCH Kids Coordinator Heather Easton teaches lessons in a setting in the Two Rivers’ District once a week for 8 weeks, with the last session comprised of a substance abuse message.  The bulk of the education is focused around the concept of “Go, Slow, and Whoa” foods.  For an example of these foods, please click HERE.   Healthy snacks are also stressed in the curricula, as well as trying new foods that are good for you!  For a sample recipe, please click HERE.  Did you know that you don’t have to have a gym membership to work out?  We play some really fun games in CATCH!  For an example of one, click HERE.

 TRPHD Wellness Coordinator, Heather Easton and Dr. Matthew Bice of UNK's Physical Activity and Wellness Lab have partnered to bring a CATCH Workshop to the Central Nebraska Area. Please call TRPHD if you are interested in attending the workshop at 308-995-4778.   

Other Resources
Dr. Matthew Bice
CATCH Website

Lifesmiles Dental Health Program

Good oral health is crucial to overall health.  Research has shown that poor oral health is a risk factor for;
·     Heart and lung disease
·        Dementia
·        Diabetes
·        Cancer
·        Autoimmune diseases
·        Premature-low Birth weight babies
·        Reduced ability for children to thrive
·        Complications with children’s education experience
The signs and symptoms of many potentially life-threatening diseases may appear in the mouth first.
The Lifesmiles Dental Health Program’s objective is to collaborate with community based groups, healthcare providers, and organizations to provide preventive dental services with goals of improving access to dental care.  Lifesmiles provides services in preschools, Head Starts, schools, WIC clinics, and long-term care facilities in the Two Rivers Public Health Service area.  Dental/ Oral Health education presentations are available for community events or business assemblies per request.  To learn more about Lifesmiles, please call TRPHD’s Dental Health Coordinator, Roxanne Denny-Mickey, at 308-999-9065 or 888-669-7154.
Other resources:
American Dental Hygienists’ Association:  www.adha.org
American Dental Association:  www.ada.org
National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center:  www.mchoralhealth.org
American Academy for Oral Systemic Health:  www.aaosh.org

Serving Buffalo, Dawson, Franklin, Gosper, Harlan, Kearney and Phelps counties

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